Workshop Testimonials


What students have said

I gained more painting knowledge in three days with Lee than I have in the last three years on my own. I have been to many workshops in my time with some great artists but Lee is in her own league. Her skill set, openness and generosity are off the charts. I have never seen a better prepared workshop leader who actually knows how to educate others.
-Jeffrey L.

The small group size was ideal for direct interaction with Lee Price.   It was an incredible opportunity to directly learn her process in her studio, and I obtained an immeasurable amount of information that has helped me immensely with my paintings. -Sandra U.

Lee's workshop is highly organized and a comfortable and fun place to learn. Lee clearly and accessibly shares the specific techniques and materials she uses to paint photo-realistically as well as provides lots of individual help and insight for artists of many levels. I attended Lee's workshop because I had admired her painting for a long time. There I learned how to paint the way I had been wanting to paint and working toward, but had not been able to achieve without her help. I had very high expectations for the workshop, and it exceeded them. After a fun and inspiring week I was able to take her practical techniques back to my studio and incorporate them in a way that truly took my work to a new level. -Erin M.

Lee started each day with a demonstration.  Because of the intimate setting, each student can see and hear her clearly, experiencing her process up-close. I felt this was the area of the instruction from which I benefitted the most. I experienced so much progress in the weeks that followed, and I consider taking the course an investment in my growth. -Jennifer H.